Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be home in order for Dr. Scoopy Poo to service our lawn?
A- No you do not, however, we do need access to your property.   This may include the following:

  • Unlocked gate
  • Key or code for locked gate
  • Unfriendly dogs need to be inside or restrained

Is it ok for our dogs to be in the yard while you clean?
A- Yes, as long as they are friendly and do not mistake Dr. Scoopy Poo for a dog catcher.

What if I go on vacation and don’t need service?
A- Please give us a call at 694-9690 or email us and let us know before your scheduled clean-up day.

Do I have to sign a contract?
A- No you do not, you can end service at any time for any reason.

How do I pay my bill?
A- Simply pay the invoice that I will leave after each months service.   Please send payment to the address listed on the invoice.   You will receive an invoice attached to your door hanger at the end of each month.   You may also prepay for service.

Will you still come if it is raining?
A- Yes, Dr. Scoopy Poo will arrive in most weather conditions with the exception of recent snow or lighting.   If your weekly service is missed because of weather, you will not be charged for that week.   If you need clean up before your next scheduled appointment, you can call us at 694-9690 and we will attempt to fit you in.

Is there a limit to the number of free weeks I can receive for referring friends and family?
A- No there is not.   We appreciate our customers spreading the word about our quality service.   We are sure your friends and family would like the benefits of a clean yard.

Dr Scoopy Poo

Tom Barry Aka Dr. Scoopy Poo and father-in-law Tom Meunier